Our Company


From Lead to Deal, that’s it!

We are a 40-person company specialized in direct marketing and selling qualified leads in the ICT market. Our role is to connect businesses who have ICT needs with providers of business software, IT consultancy firms and hardware specialists. Born in 2009 from two entrepreneurs’ passions for new technologies, within a few short years Leadeo became a key player in the detection and the sale of qualified leads.


Our vibrant team is here to listen to your needs


diagrame_poleOur employees are specialists in ICT markets and in building customer relationships on the phone. Thanks to continuous training enabling them to remain up to date in a market which is constantly evolving, our teams are able to understand and analyze all the issues related to business information systems. Situated in France, along with most of our clients, our location in the European Capital of Strasbourg gives us a strategic proximity compared to our competitors who are often located outside Europe.

The story of two talented partners

laurentLaurent Ehrhart After more than 15 years sales experience in Europe and North America, Laurent joined the world of Information technology in 2004 working in a consulting firm specializing in networking between businesses and software publishers, IT services and IT consultancies. He rose quickly through the company and took the position of Senior Director of the French and Canadian market in 2006. Following this success, he moved on to create the company AIDA EXPERTISE, the first French consulting firm specialising in helping software publishers and providers to optimize lead detection and create their own lead detection cell. He then partnered with Christophe Hirth and together they created Leadeo
laurentChristophe Hirth After several successful experiences as a Sales Consultant and Sales Manager in call centres, Christophe Hirth moved into the field of Information Technologies in France and North America. Initially he worked as a consultant in computer management, and then as a sales engineer for a Canadian Microsoft Dynamics Integrator. Thanks to his double skill-set, Christophe Hirth was able to develop unique competencies in telephone-based customer relationship management, which helped him in creating the company LEADEO on his return from North America in 2009.

Key figures

  • 400% increase in turnover over 7 years continuous growth since 2009! LEADEO number 1 expert in finding qualified IT project leads in France!
  • More than 200 partners Including publishers, integrators, IT service providers, IT consultancies and hardware specialists. Our goals are to bring you ultimate customer satisfaction and develop long-term relationships!
  • 30 call desks Call-desk equipped with CRM and a cutting-edge call management system.
  • 60,000 calls per month We follow projects from start-to-finish and update our database in real time.
  • 7000 leads detected per year! Each project is carefully calibrated and qualified before being sent to our partners.

Our values and commitments

  • Customer satisfaction Our goal is to meet the specific expectations and needs of each of our customers.
  • Trust We develop long-term relationships with our partners.
  • Transparency We are located in France, and our offices are always open to our prospects, customers and partners.
  • Flexibility We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and our determination.


  • Professionalism: Our teams are specialised in all matters related to the business IT solutions.
  • Outcome Guaranteed: We guarantee rapid return on investment, an increase in your appointment bookings and an increase in your turnover.
  • Quality of service: qualified projects and guaranteed appointments for your sales team.