Testimonials from SAGE, AMELKIS and AKUITEO

SAGE: Hilale ZEGGANE, Sales Operation Manager Support “as one of the three biggest publishers in the world of business management solutions, it is important to be able to rely on strong trusted partners.” For detecting leads, we take a multi-channel approach (email, call-center, sageevents, social networks, media strategy, etc.) using our own internal resources but also by calling on service providers, in order to maximize our coverage rate. LEADEO, who we’ve been working with for 5 years, allows us to have a global view of products on the market and to compensate for reductions in our own lead generation activities. LEADEO represents expertise, both in terms of market knowledge and project detection techniques, as well as in the relationship of trust and closeness that we have developed with them. “

AMELKIS: Adrien REIMANN, Head of Salesamelkis “We use LEADEO in addition to lead detection we are doing internally. The projects provided by LEADEO are very well qualified and most importantly, ready for conversion: we can quickly turn them into a contract, which allows us a quick return on investment. Thanks to LEADEO, we regularly sign new clients such as, recently, BRAJA VESIGNE, CÉRÉLIA, EUROTAB or even RIBEGROUPE. We are one of the leaders on the software market in consolidation and reporting, and LEADEO helped us get here.

AKUITEO: Jean-Baptiste SACHOT, Director of business development “Our ERP is aimed specifically at engineering firms, architect firms and software development companies of more than 50 people. To be able to find leads in this very specific and relatively closed market, akuiteo a tailor-made approach is indispensible. And that’s where LEADEO really shines! Since we started working with Leadeo in January 2013, they have regularly provides us with very specific IT leads for our core business, and we have already made back our initial investment multiple times! Beyond its commercial performance, LEADEO is a long-term partner for us. We share the same values based on personal relationships and the desire to create a virtuous and profitable loop for all participants in the market.”

Other testimonials from our clients

“Thanks to a lead detected by LEADEO we recently signed an ERP of 100 users for 800,000 euros.” Marketing Director of an ERP Integrator “As a publisher we were looking for a partner able to identify leads for our new resellers. We found the ideal partner in LEADEO.” Channel Manager for one of the french leaders in the ERP market “After having been disappointed by many lead sales firms, we finally turned to LEADEO who identifies qualified high-quality leads.” Sales Manager at a CRM publisher “With LEADEO we hit a lead to sale conversion rate of more than 15%. Our return on investment reached 100% in the first 6 months of working together.” CEO of a software company of 20 employees “Thanks to LEADEO, our sales team benefit from qualified appointments throughout the year, allowing them to exceed their goals and weather the recession easily.” Director of a local computer service provider “The fact that they guarantee their results means we take no risk and it allows us to control our marketing budget and have a fast return on investment!” Marketing Director for a CRM publisher “IT project detection experts LEADEO consistently provide us with qualified projects in our target sector, with accurate and valuable information despite the niche sector in which we work.” General manager of a publisher of CAPM case management software We’d like to thank our partners who have sent these testimonials. For obvious reasons of confidentiality we can not always disclose their identity.

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