Thanks to our expertise in detecting qualified leads for companies in the ICT sector, we offer services that allow you to identify new customers, make appointments for your sales team and increase your turnover at no risk to you. Types of projects that we find:

1. Finding and selling leads

The steps of finding and selling a project lead

1.1 We define your target

1.2 We find projects that match your target

Our teams of IT Sales Consultants find and qualify projects that match your target.

1.3 We deliver your projects along with relevant information in real time

Leadeo guarantees the quality of all projects and is committed to delivering results. You only pay for projects that you can make an offer on. Click here to take a look at an example project.

2. Lead-swapping: Fight the Recession

  • Project that you can’t handle?
  • Requirements too specific?
  • Budget too restrictive?

Do you have off-target leads which don’t match your goals? We will exchange them for leads that correspond to the services you offer.

  • Send us your leads
  • We will follow-up and qualify them within 24h
  • We’ll top-up your account with credits to be used acquiring leads which match your target

Contact us today and let’s build a win-win partnership!

Click here to fill out our lead-swapping form


3. Outsourcing and Sales Executive provision

Focus on your core business: negotiation and sales!

4. Project management Project nurturing and incubation

Entrust us with your portfolio of prospects and we will follow each prospect until fruition. Even if your prospects aren’t yet ready to make a decision, we have a solution! We will survey your leads and follow-up with the decision-makers until the lead becomes ready.